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Company News

S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a professional Ingot Grower Manufacturer located in South Korea.

Daegu SME Ceremony 2018

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[S-TECH, awarded the grand prize in 2018 Daegu SME Ceremony]

​  On November 07, 2018, the Daegu SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) award ceremony was held at Daegu Inter-Burgo hotel. In this ceremony, S-TECH had won the grand prize. The CFO of S-TECH, Mr. Jeon, Heungsik had been awarded the grand prize by proxy for our CEO, Mr. Park Jinsub. Since the establishment in 1990, S-TECH has made efforts to provide differentiated values to our customers for nearly 30 years. From this award, we are honored to have been recognized not only to our clients, but to our home city , Daegu.   

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