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Company News

S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a professional Ingot Grower Manufacturer located in South Korea.

Company Track Meet [2020.09.18]

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작성자 최고관리자 (112.♡.83.190) 작성일 20-09-29 15:57



S-TECH Co., Ltd. has held a company track meet on September 18th, 2020 to commemorate the hard work of all employees who have successfully

completed the MKC project. The company track meet hold variouis sport events, delicious food, and plenty of gift aways for all of our employees to have a good time with

wonderful people. S-TECH Co., Ltd. would like to express our great gratitude to all of our executives and employees who have overcome difficult times like COVID-19.

With unity and passion like always, S-TECH Co., Ltd and our employees will stand strong and go the distance like no one has every done before!

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