R&D Center

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R&D Center

S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a professional Ingot Grower Manufacturer located in South Korea.

R&D Center

S-Tech R&D center is run by professional personnel & provides world class technologies to achieve total solution regarding cost reduction, productivity enhancement, and increase in quality to our customers. In addition, we are opening the future of S-Tech by creating various values for our customers.

S-Tech’s R&D Center is dedicated to build customer trust and conducts a virtuous circle development process based on the growing facility. Also from the leading-edge process technology of the R&D Center, personnel, and equipment, S-Tech can provide productivity enhancement, cost reduction, and increase in quality. Our top priority is providing customer oriented & differentiated values to our customers.

S-Tech’s R&D Center cooperates with related organizations and institutions to carry out government lead researches. By developing advanced technologies to satisfy our customers worldwide, S-Tech will fulfill its vision in becoming the Global Top Grower Manufacturer.

R&D Scope

  • Grower & Component Design (28inch~32inch Grower System)
  • Hot zone & Process Design (Optimal structure for mass production)
  • Self-verification (Verification of technology development : MLCS etc.)
  • CCZ & Large Size Grower R&D
  • Training (Method on operation & maintenance of CZ Grower)
  • Development of new technology on high added value (SiC sintering, Deposition furnace, PECVD etc.)
  • Crystal Grower R&D
  • Process R&D
  • New Technology R&D

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