Turnkey Offer

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Turnkey Offer

S-TECH Co., Ltd. is a professional Ingot Grower Manufacturer located in South Korea.

Turnkey Offer

Turnkey System

  • CZ-Mono Crystalline Ingot Grower
    Customized design is available.
  • Hot Zone
    Customized design & hot zone supplying are available.
  • Superconducting Magnet
    (Option) - Magnet Package can be provided.
  • Power Supply
    (Option) - IGBT Type can be provided.
  • Dust Filter Housing
    (Option) - Metal Filter Type can be provided.
  • Ancillary Tools
    (Option) - Ancillary System for maintenance & utilization of smooth use of ingot system can be provided.

Product Strength

  • Quality
    Reliable equipment design & stable production through simulation testing
    Quality & production rates have been proven through the in-house process tests at S-TECH R&D Center
    High efficiency ingots & excellent equipment performance have been proven at the customer’s site
  • Technology
    Stable process control system
    Operator-friendly interface
    Low cost & convenience in equipment maintenance are offered
    Guarantee to provide a full process for Turnkey production lines
    More than 90% of the manufacturing capacity is done In-House
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Custom-made equipment can be provided according to customer’s specification.
    Flexible & fast delivery service can be provided according to experienced engineers & assembly experience.
    Providing fast response & solutions for problems can be done within 48hours.

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